About Us

Ternity is the group behind Nourish Baby and Safe Sleep Space and Sleep Smart. We provide antenatal and early parenting education and training, for parents, healthcare providers and early childhood professionals. 

As an Australian Council of Healthcare Services (ACHS) EQuIP6 accredited organisation, we are passionate about supporting parents with evidence-based, engaging and easy to understand antenatal and early parenting education.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide education and resources that ultimately support families through the early parenting years while maintaining a sustainable, profitable business.

Our Philosophy

Improve the experience of infants and children with sleep and settling struggles.

Through psycho-education, empower parents and caregivers with skills and knowledge to best suit the individual family members, without needing to employ timed based extinction methods

Ensure all information provided for parents, professionals and general public members is accurate, research based and does no harm

Use an infant mental health, cue based response approach to safe sleep and settling.

Our Values

Respect families

Respect individuality

Respect individual team members

Trusted advisors

Informed experts

Flexible approach family struggles

Team work

Professionals integrity

To provide families and health professionals with accurate, contemporary and appropriate information on the subject of early parenting including infant and childhood sleep challenges.

Our Vision

To guide and enhance infant –family relationships and foster optimal environments in which infants, children and families can flourish.

To provide support and education to enhance awareness to infant needs and capacities both emotionally and physically to work towards appropriate sleep habits.

To facilitate parental attunement through psycho-education, knowledge and understandings that foster instinctive care of their infant and child.